Real Estate is one of the safest investments in the world. Sum up the benefit of investing in real estate in mere two sentences but coming up with the conclusion that real estate is indeed the best form of investment require you to understand the different factor in this industry. How they unify and How they work together to bring benefits to the investors. Now days real estate in india reforming their position. The investor trying out establishes their self from the effect of recession in this sector as well as government put much restriction in real estate like RERA etc. But the right amount of knowledge and information investing can transform into one of the most beneficial endeavors of your life. Investing in real estate particularly in india actually an excellent vehicle for building wealth only If you are a savvy investor and while it is believed that most of the common investment opportunity are all connected to each other in one way market condition. As Per Indian Brand Equity Foundation Report the real estate market in india will be touching $180 Billion by the year 2020 and housing sector alone will contribute about 5% to 6% to the GDP of the country it is not just the prediction for the future but the development of the this sector in last 10 years. Alone is a clear sign which indicate that the real estate sector is further set to grow and rise in the year to come.